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Statement of Faith


Reading books ranks as the second most boring thing to do in the world, while reading theological books ranks as the most brain-numbingly boring thing to do in the whole of the known universe. This is probably because most writers of theology assume the authority of a prophet, thinking that they’ve singlehandedly and exclusively unlocked the ancient secrets of the subject of which they must at all cost pursuade the reader to understand and accept. This isn’t always a bad thing, for many such writers have helped bring the Scriptures to life for us. The problem with theology books is that they presume to teach us Truth regarding how God and Mankind relate and interact with each other, and no two people seem to agree on what that truth is, and nobody likes being told what to believe, and those who do want to know the Truth are either too afraid to discover that long-held “old truths” are actually traditional falsehoods or they are too afraid to let go of those “old truths” once they have been proven to be falsehoods. This conflict makes theological books booooooring! In the forthcoming pages I do not speak as a prophet of secret wisdoms and understandings, but of clear thinking, logic and common sense. I know you’re thinking, “Good grief, that sounds even more boring!” But I promise you, what you are about to read is anything but boring.

Now, the facts about death and the soul presented in this book may leave some readers feeling a little uncomfortable, especially after years of indoctrination of just the opposite. But the question and bottom line is whether we, as believers in the God of the Holy Scriptures, seek the Truth of His Majestic Word, or the fallible words of men. To those who seek the Truth, no difficulty will be had in accepting that Truth, and discarding fables.

This book came about as a result of comparing the doctrines held by the Church-at-large to the doctrines of the infallible Holy Scriptures on the subject of death, and finding, curiously enough, that neither agreed with the other. Since the Bible is the Power of the Final Word on all matters, it is therefore upon Its precepts that I present this book as a refutation against the blind doctrines of man. There is no struggle or debate among men, no matter how devoutly fought, which can overthrow the Word of God; therefore, as both clear logic and good theology dictates, it is vastly better to surrender tradition in favor of God’s Truth, thereby taking heed to Christ’s own warning that “ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your traditions,” Matthew 15:1-9.

Beware when anyone tells you to have an open mind. The key to absorbing Truth comes in having open eyes and an open heart. It is not absorbed by an open mind; for an open mind will tolerate – willingly or unwillingly – falsehoods, there to mingle with half truths to create deception. Deception brings death, but Truth, which is found solely in the Word of God, brings everlasting life. May God close our loose minds, remove the scales from our eyes, and turn our hearts of stone to hearts of flesh, that we may see with our eyes, understand with our hearts, and be converted in our minds, and live.

My advice, as with all things, is that the Reader pray first before proceeding, that the Holy Spirit of God will confirm with your spirit whether Truth is here being taught.

Now sit back, relax, take a deep breath, and get ready to view life – and death – in a whole different perspective: The Bible’s.